Veterinary Management System

The Veterinary Management System is designed to provide the best management and organization of veterinary and laboratory complexes on the web, which allows online patient registration, filing and appointment, prescription, laboratory management, and hospitalization simply in the system. In this system, communications between different departments are organized into an integrated system with high security.


Initial registration of animals in a web-based system

The animal’s basic information including name, age, owner, symptoms of illness, owner’s request and etc. is sent to the management which is filled by the owner on the web registration form.

Registration of physician and operators in a web-based system

all doctors and operators registered in the web-based system as a user with different accessibility.

Review the initial information for admission (CRM)

At this point, the operator will check the animal registration form and, depending on the type of animal and the initial information decides whether to accept the animal or not.

Registration of accepted animals as a patient (Patient)

Patient information, signs, and symptoms of illness, diet, environment, etc. are recorded. And sent to the appropriate doctor for initial review.

Appointment and Prescription

After an initial review by the physician, an appointment form is created and the owner will be notified.
At the appointed time, the doctor will visit the patient and prescribe the medicine, tests or hospitalization.

Medicament and Disease

It is possible to record different disease, medicines, symptoms, side effects and dose.
The doctor chooses and prescribes different medications and treatments.

Manage the Laboratory

It is possible to define different types of tests.
The physician can request for various tests and ask for results.
In the laboratory, it’s easy to manage and organize requests. The operator does the test and gives the results and remarks on the created form. The test results are available for a relevant physician.
The doctor will prescribe a new test or treatment if needed.


The prescribing physician, the patient’s vital signs, the tests performed, the conditions of care, the current consumption medications, diet, and etc. are recorded as patient anamnesis.
The patient is given exclusive code and bed in an appropriate ward and, the patient is hospitalized for completing the course of treatment.


Remind that, reporting and documentation are important, so different information like patient information, patient tests and treatment and patient medication history report can be printed by the manager.