HRM and Attendance System

When your small business grows and you plan to hire new employees or possibly expand your portfolio, there are time-consuming tasks. Such as hiring, managing benefits, and creating and implementing policies and staffing.Human resource management could be a good solution, so you can focus more on important items like increasing revenue and gaining market share. 

Demand for daily tasks through the Internet and mobile applications has increased because they help you to plan and manage tasks more easily. Many large companies apply for the powerful applications to improve their HR processes. So there’s no need to hire a new employee for human resource management.

Web App Features:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Management
  • Contracts and Work Shifts
  • Organization Chart
  • Android Attendance system
  • Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll and Salary Management
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports from different parts of the system

Mobile App Features:

  • Real-time location tracking and image
  • Real-time notifications.
  • Easy to Use
  • Leave/mission Request
  • The App is designed in multi-languages based on customer’s requirements.



There are two forms of online recruitment and mobile apps.

Applicants can fill out an application form in one of these ways.

Applicant information is recorded in the web application and Android App, and the managers see the information and invite the to the interview if needed and have the ability to do so.

Employee Registration

After the recruitment phase, it turns out that the staff will be registered.

The main personal information is recorded in the system. Employees are given the right to access the Android app and the web system.

The basic information will be displayed and printed for the manager.

Setting Contracts

To hire a staff member, one of the important points is the contract.

In this software, information about the contract, including the start and the end dates of the trial or training period is defined.

For each employee’s contract, the start date, legal base, job shift, position, and duties are recorded.

Noted that, the contract will automatically expire from running if the end date is defied.

Define Work Shifts

After the contract is negotiated, the definition of shift for employees should be considered.

The shifts section include the start and end time of work, the period of using this shift, as well as the rest time or lunch break.

In addition, the admin has the ability to define public holidays.

Departments Definition

Define different departments, employees and manager of the department, position and organizational tasks, rules of entry and exit, shifts and legal rules of each sector separately.

Moreover, the organizational chart is set.

Attendance Management of Android Users

Employees who are registered as users are able to log in and set the entrance/exit time, their location by GPS and images.

They can request for daily and hourly leave, missions.

The admin can approve or reject the requests or attendances in the mobile app.

Subsequently, the user will receive a notification in real time.

Managing Attendance and Holidays

In the attendance management web system, all logged-in and logging information is recorded and worked hours, overtime and missions are automatically calculated according to each employee’s shift.

In the leave section, the types of daily and hourly leaves (paid, unpaid), absence, unacceptable delays, delays and hasting, and automatic deductions are recorded according to the presence and absence or punch time.

The manager can adjust or approve daily and monthly information on attendance and leave are available.

Payroll and Salary Management

The wage management Web-based system is the last part of the Human Resources Management System. In this section, different legal structures and legal rules are defined and set.

The next step is creating a monthly legal payslip automatically based on contract information, amount of work and deduction, leaves, mission and monthly overtime. Moreover, the manager can print the payslip individually or in a special group.


Monthly reports of employee’s attendance and leave are crucial to both the manager and employees,

Because of the fact that the wage is calculated based on monthly information. The total report could be printed for employees and the manager.