Fashion Shop Management

It would be evident that the modern lifestyle is much different from the lifestyle that once had to follow. Modern life is a result of social, economic, environmental changes and, above all, a change in technology and technology.

Industrialization and the advent of computer systems, mobile phones, and various equipment are the impacts of modern life. The fashion industry is the other prominent event of modern life.

The fashion industry consists of different levels: the production textiles, leather and fur; the production of fashion goods by designers, manufacturers, contractors, and others; retail sales; and various forms of advertising and promotion. Management of different fashion part effectively requires an integrated software.


  • Receiving customer orders (required fabric and textile, clothing models and its accessories)
  • Customer management (order placement, request placement)
  • Define various sizing table for different clothing model
  • Determine the tax rate and discount
  • Print main information and receipts (invoices) related to the customer

How to place an order in “Mr. Tailor”:

  • Subscribe a new customer
  • Check customer order
  • Fabric (textile) selection
  • Choose the address model
  • Measurement based on selected model
  • Detailed order (decorative and needed items such as button and border)
  • Determine delivery date
  • Pre-payment
  • Customize order if needed
  • Payment of remaining cost
  •  Print receipt by POS and other customer information