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Are you ready?

Those who choose to use E- juice can find some quality products at Suicide Bunny. They have some of the options you can use when it comes to E-juice products. Individuals who wish to buy their products from this website can get some of the best in E-Juice products and can allow them to get liquids that are strong and tantalizing for some of the best in vaping.

Make sure to go to their website (http://ejuice.farm/collections/suicide-bunny)to find some of the best E-juices for vaping. There are some of the options you need when you are looking for the quality products. They have some of the choicest juices around.
The Suicide Bunny has liquids available in various levels of nicotine strengths beginning at 0mgs going up to 18mg nicotine. 

The O.B

Rich and creamy, this is a product that allows you to get the options you need when you are getting the kick from this premium E-juice. The OB is one of the premium E-liquids you can take advantage of when looking for the quality products from this premium E juice retailer. You will find these products to be quality and one of kind E- juice flavors, the likes of which you will not find on any other site. Enjoy these products and find them to be lovely like many other users.

Sucker Punch

Another one of the quality E-liquid products and one you can enjoy is Sucker Punch. Sucker punch combines the qualities of sweet and creamy. Enjoy the scent and taste of dragon fruit. It has a wonderful cream flavor. Those who use these products will enjoy the sweet and creamy product.


Derailed is another premium product from this retailer. This is the option that many vapers who have a sweet tooth may enjoy. Derailed has the options of snickerdoodle cookies, cinnamon and banana, as part of its base. It comes in 30 or 120 ml glass bottles.


Another of the quality flavor from “the bunny”

includes Madrina. Madrina is combination of cream and melon. It is sweet but not overly so. Those who like a smooth blend with a hint of tart should like Madrina.

Mother’s Milk

Mother’s Milk is as sweet as mom herself and you can find this E-liquid juice from your favorite retailers. Get this product and enjoy it. It features the flavors of cream, strawberry and milk and has been described as a creamy custardy exhale with a scent of strawberry. Those who enjoy sweet and creamy flavors should enjoy these products from Suicide Bunny.